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University Tuition Fees and Financial Support

Tuition fees and the funding available are depends on the university or college and the Country where you stay. Every university charges their own fees for different courses. The information provided on this page is not conclusive and may not necessarily refer to any university or institution. The students are therefore advised to refer to the respective institution’s website for accurate and timely information. 

Scholarships and financial support

To find the information relevant to you, click on the links below for where you will go to university’s department which awards the financing for their postgraduate degree.  Before start processing your application for admission, you need to understand how much you will pay and what financial support you can obtain from the institution under consideration.

  1. HELB Postgraduate Scholarships

HELB awards scholarships to postgraduate students pursuing their Masters or Doctoral studies. The award is based on academic merit. Scholarships are allocated to universities every year, based on the population of their student. The application period is April to July Applicants are required to pay a processing fee of kshs 3,000. Click here for more information

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