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Bachelor of Science (Telecommunications)


Telecommunications technologies are shaping the way in which people access news and information, communicate with family and friends, and play computer games. They are also driving the information economy.

Telecommunications engineering focuses on the technologies that underpin modern voice, multimedia and data communications. Telecommunications engineers are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and evolution of systems, from business data networks to global voice and data communications.

In this degree students study leading edge technologies including transmission systems such as optical fibre, satellites, cellular networks, Internet protocol networks and digital television; digital representation of audio, video and other multimedia; and the control, design and analysis of massive communications networks.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities may be found in the telecommunications, broadcast, Internet and multimedia industries, and industries such as construction, mining, defence and energy distribution systems that rely heavily on communications to support their operations.

Potential careers include Telecommunication Engineer, Radio Engineer, Satellite Engineer, Telecommunications Analyst, Network Engineer, and Software Engineer.

Universities Offering the Course

  1. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  2. Moi University
  3. Multimedia University of Kenya

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