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Bachelor of Science (Hospitality & Tourism Management)


The Bachelor of Science (Hospitality & Tourism Management) degree prepares students for management positions in largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world, Tourism and Hospitality. Graduates/Students in Hospitality and Tourism develop hotel and resort concepts; lead ecotourism initiatives; tourism bureaus management, conference centers, and marketing and tourism agencies; and succeed as meeting and special event managers, and in restaurant and catering businesses. Depending on the institution none enrolls in, the program specifically enables one to obtain essential industry knowledge and leadership skills in hospitality finance and development, marketing and revenue management, conference and special event planning, tourism destination policy and promotion, and food and beverage operations, both in and out of the classroom.

Additionally one is able to build a valuable portfolio of professional experience and an extensive network within the Tourism and Hospitality industry on or before graduating. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates equipped with skills in the Hospitality & Tourism industry will be able to work in the tourism industry as:

Convention Services Manager

Convention Services Managers coordinate the activities of various departments in large venues to accommodate meetings, conventions and special events. They meet with representatives of client organisations to plan logistics, meeting space configuration, banquet services, and operations.

Hotel Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Director

As a Hotel Marketing Director, you would oversee the advertising and promotion of hotel operations and functions, from day-to-day marketing to special and seasonal events. This type of work can often involve coordinating media relations through published releases and directly answering questions from the press.

Travel Guide

Travel Guides plan, organize and conduct long distance cruises, tours and expeditions for individuals or groups. They escort tourists on sightseeing excursions or through places of interest, such as industrial establishments, public buildings, and art galleries.

Other career options include but not limited to tourism managers, events coordinators, event planners, local government in community development through tourism management and event planning, promotion and organizing, state and federal government in tourism management and event development, promotion and evaluation. 

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