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Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)


The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree provides students with a sound knowledge of the principles of the Kenyan, regional and international legal systems. Some of the area where law student may got through include but not limited to Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contract, Legal Practice and Ethics, Taxation, Administrative Law, Equity and Trusts, Torts, Competition Law and Policy, Evidence, Property, Land Law, Law, Society and Civil Rights. Elective units include International Commercial Law, Chinese Commercial Law, Mining and Energy Law, Superannuation Law, Succession and Family Law.

Career Opportunities

Obtaining a law degree is normally the first step towards becoming a barrister or solicitor, and most students entering law school aspire to enter one of these branches of the legal profession. A Law degree, especially when combined with a degree in Arts, Commerce, Management or Science, is a qualification, which offers unequalled career opportunities. As an alternative to practising as a barrister or solicitor, you may choose to enter business (eg. as a corporate lawyer, company administrator or business manager); government service (as a lawyer with departments or authorities as diverse as the Attorney Generals Department, the office of Parliamentary Counsel, the Director of Public Prosecutions, and the Australian Securities Commission); industrial relations; public administration; teaching (at a university); or in law reform (as a research officer).

A law degree, especially when combined with a degree in arts, commerce, criminology, management or science, is a qualification which offers unequalled career opportunities.

More specifically who become lawyers may become involved in court work or may choose to practice as solicitors. Many graduates enter legal practice, but a significant number choose to pursue careers in industry, government, commerce, community organisations or academic institutions. It is the enormous range of options, and the opportunities and influence which they afford, that give a career in law its very distinctive appeal and makes the study of law one of the most popular choices among today’s students.

Those who graduate with a Bachelor of Law degree may find themselves in any of the following career options:

Barrister, Business Lawyer, Community Legal Services Officer, Corporate Lawyer, Diplomatic corps, Humanitarian / Aid Worker, Industrial relations, Export / Import trade, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence Officer, Ministerial Adviser, Patent Attorney, Parliamentary Adviser, Parliamentary Member, Judicial Associate, Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister, Legal Officer / Legal aid, Political Adviser, Politician

Universities Offering the Course

Diploma in Law

  1. Kisii University
  2. Nairobi institute of Business studies
  3. Kenya School of Law
  4. Mount Kenya University

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

  1. Africa Nazarene University
  2. Kenyatta University
  3. Kisii University
  4. Riara University
  5. Strathmore University
  6. University of Nairobi
  7. Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  8. JKUAT
  9. Kabarak University
  10. Mount Kenya University
  11. University of Nairobi
  12. Moi University


  1. University of Nairobi

Advocates Training Program

  1. Kenya School of Law

Continuing Professional Development

  1. Kenya School of Law

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