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Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)


Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers creative and rewarding long-term career opportunities involving imagination, innovation and teamwork, as well as challenging. So if you want to make a different in your life and the lives of others with a qualification in Electrical and Electronic Engineering you are in the right place. Scroll through.

Electrical and Electronic Engineers design anything that uses electricity, often working on the cutting edge of technology, using mathematics, science, software, and management skills to solve problems and put the 'smarts' into complex systems. They actually provide the power our society needs; they design electronic and computing technologies that enable modern lives; they develop the communications networks and protocols that connect people; and they work to sustain human developments through medical technology and new energy technologies.

Since industries grow and change regularly Electrical and Electronic Engineers are on much demand. Today you will find them in the mining and power distribution industries; tomorrow they may be needed to support financial computing services, or to develop the technology for advanced manufacturing. Whatever the future holds, electrical and electronic engineers will be at the forefront of technological change.

Holders of Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree are highly regarded and end up securing important roles in leading technology companies worldwide.

Career Opportunities

Holders of Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree possess broad and adaptable skill sets and may work in diverse roles across a wide variety of industries. Employment opportunities are available in many growing fields such as industrial automation, renewable energy development, power systems, biomedical devices and systems development, mining, defence technologies, radar and remote sensing, information security and telecommunications. Engineering employers require graduates who are good communicators and can manage projects and resources while working independently and in teams. We would encourage you to choose a University of College that will instill these skills in you and make you market ready.

Specifically holders of Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree may enter into particular career as: 

Computer Systems Engineer, Sustainable Energy Engineer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Electrical / Electronic Engineer, Radio Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Power Distribution Engineer, Power Generation Engineer.  

Universities Offering the Course

  1.  Dedan Kimathi University of Science & Technology
  2. JKUAT
  3. Kenyatta University
  4. Machakos University College
  5. Moi University
  6. Technical University of Kenya
  7. Technical University of Mombasa
  8. University of Nairobi

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