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A Career as Chef or Cook in Kenya

Did you know that hospitality industry employs more professionals than almost any other industry?  It gives many opportunities for kitchen professionals. Besides being top employing industry, the field offers a wide variety of jobs that will obviously give you security of employment after you have completed a course as a Chef.

There are many places where a Chef can work including resorts, restaurants, hotels, casinos, cafeterias and anywhere that people dine and lodge.  As a chef you will also find work in a food service sector that is institutional in nature including hospitals, schools and other corporate facilities.

If you desire is to become a Top Chef in the culinary sector, then you need an education that makes you become the right person for career opportunities available out there.  You may train at certificate level or Diploma level before you start gaining entry in the job market. A bachelor degree can also be okay if your grade guarantees you success in the application process.


Top Chefs Culinary Institute is a specialized college for professional chefs, providing day-to-day practical, as well as theoretical classes in the Culinary Arts. If your dream is to become a chef then Top Chefs Culinary Institute can help make that dream a reality.

Engage in a career that lets you enjoy what you do and put you in demand in a creative and enjoyable job market. That's the future that can be yours with us.

Top Chefs Culinary Institute is recognized as a top ranked culinary arts school in Kenya which is located in Westlands, Nairobi. It will prepare you to meet the challenges of today's catering industry.

After completing your career you can get a full time job or start by engaging in part-time jobs until you get entry into full time job.

Once employed, Chefs climb to positions as supervisors or Chef Managers within the kitchen. As a Professional Chef, you can also take management roles throughout the industry.

Start your career today at Top Chefs Culinary Institute. 

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